Khagrachari District tourist spots

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Alutila Cave Tourists spot: Alutila Cave is just 8 kilometers from Khagracharri. Tourists can come to Khagracharri bus stand, select a hotel to freshen up and also there are many local restaurants and food shops where they can eat something to energize themselves. There are Khagracharri Guest House, Parjatan Motel as well as a hotel by the name of Pankhaya Para. These hotels are situated in and near around Khagracharri town. The price range of a double bed non-AC room is from 350 to 550 taka. Also, there are AC rooms whose price starts from 1500 taka. alotila_guha_2
02. Alutila Mysterious Cave:

Alutila Cave is an inexplicable cave. It is located at Matiranga Upazila in hill district of Khagrachari. It is very beautiful and attractive tourist place of Bangladesh. Alutila cave is situated in Alutila hill.
Alutila Hill is one hundred and fifty meter long. It is surrounded by profound green forest. If visitors are brave and adventure lover, then this is an ideal spot to overcome. There is no danger, nothing too worries and it is totally safe cave. It will take fifteen minutes to pass the cave. It is also a rocky, dark and slippery cave.
The most beautiful thing is the cold water flowing at foot. From top of the hill visitors can see everywhere the Khagrachari town. This is an outstanding picnic spot. A bulky rain forest where the cave is situated protection a wide diversity of birds and wildlife.
Visitors can also enjoy the lifestyles of dissimilar racial alternative groups living in Khagrachari. The crystal clear water of the fall nearby the year celebrates travelers. It becomes more gorgeous and beautiful throughout rainy season.
03. Richhang waterfall: Richhang is another natural waterfall and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Khagrachhari District of Bangladesh. Not so wide and not as great as Jadepai or Nafakhum, but this beautiful waterfall successfully surprised the domestic and foreign travelers with its intrinsic natural beauty. There are several bus services which can take you – Saudia, S. Alam and Shanti. They left Dhaka for Khagrachhari every night. Bus fare is 520 taka. Rechhang bus stoppage is around 10 km before Khagrachhari town on Chittagong–Khagrachhari highway. From there, one has to go another 2.1 km to Reach Rechhang Waterfalls. Any one can get down from the bus at Rechhang Bus Stoppage or can go there from Khagrachhari town by using other transportation. Available local transports are – Chander Gari, CNG scooter or Bus. There are also local bus services from Chitagong. The bus fare is 200- 240 taka. rishang_jhorna
04. Hundred or more years old banyan tree:

This 400 years of old Banyan tree is located in “Matiranga Upazila” of Khagrachhari. This is a mammoth tree, and according to some prudent, it’s one of the largest banyan tree from Bangladesh. Local people used to call this as “Parjatan Bot Gachh”, some people used to call this as “Alutila Bot Gachh”. The main one of the tree is itself a big one. But you can easily see there are several small trees which are connected with the main one. Actually those are created from the main one, a branch.

The whole banyan tree is really awesome, local people are having fresh air under the tree. Also from there, you can observe the cloudy hills of Khagrachhari. There is a school just beside the tree. The name of the school is “Alutila Bot-toli Junior High School”. That school name will also help you to locate the tree.

You can use public transport. There are lots of buses are available at Khagrachhari bus terminal which used to leave for “Feni” and “Chittagong”. You can take any of those. Around each and every 10-15 minutes, a bus used to dispatch for the destination. You’ll require to pay 20 taka per person, and bus will drop you at “Matiranga Bazar”. From there, you have to hire a motor bike. Two person can ride over a single bike. It will take you around 80-100 taka for taking you to the banyan tree, and return back to the bazar. It will be wise to take the bike for round trip, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to find a bike at that place.

Banayan trees
05. Nunchhori Debota Pond: Nunchhori Debota Pond (Matai Pukhiri/Goddess Pond) is a remarkable lake known as the Matai Pukhiri, 500 meters above ground level at Nunchhari. According to a legend of the Tripura tribe, the water of this lake never dries up nor becomes dirty, which is why it is called Matai Pukhiri or the Lake of God.

The Nunchhori Tripura Village is 13 km south from Porjoton motel, 4 km west from Maichchari Army camp of Khagrachari – Rangamati road. From there almost 1500 feet above, at the peak of the Mountain is the Debota lake. Local bus or chadergari of Khagrachari – Rangamati Route go till Maichchori Army camp. You have to go rest 4–5 km on foot. If there is private car then it can go till the Tripura Village. The buses leaving for Khagrachari from Dhaka

06. Yonged Buddha Bihar: At Khagrachhari town, 2 km far from Motel. Accessible by rickshaw. panchari-oronno_khutir_2
07. Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture:

Khagrachari  is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Divisionand the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Its local name is “Chengmi”. Khagrachari is also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle (of the rest of the three hill districts Rangamati is the Chakma Circle and Bandarban is the Bohmong Circle). Khagrachari town is the home town of the Mong Chief (currently King, or Raja, Saching Prue Chowdhury who is the head of the Arakanese descendants living in the circle. It also is the administrative headquarters of Khagrachari district.

Shantipur Arannya Kuthir – 25 km south from Khagrachari is peripheral region. The largest Buddha sculpture of Bangladesh  (Panchari Brihot Buddha Sculpture) is situated here.

There are several ways to reach at Khagrahari. The best available bus service is Shanty, Soudia, S. Alam, Shaymoly, Egal etc. The cost is around 520 taka per person. It will take around 7-8 hours to reach at the town from Dhaka. There is no AC bus service for Khagrachari(except SaintmartinParibahan, only one AC bus per day).

Also you can Use the bus for Dhaka-Chittagong, and from Chittagong you can take bus for Khagrachari. But I’ll suggest you the direct Dhaka-Khagrachari Bus. This will be much easier. Only one bus will go to Panchari from Dhaka. (Shanty paribahan only)

The travelers have to make a trip from Khagrachari to Panchariupozilla by public bus or a private vehicle. From Panchari you can hire auto rickshaw to go to PanichariBrihot Buddha sculpture

08. Dighinala Manikya Dighi: Basantapur Govinda Manikya Dighi is situated in Batisa Union along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. The lake has been built on approximately 20 acres of land. It is known that Raja Gaur Manikya of Tripura came hunting in the deep forest and ran to the locality. Then a housewife here quenches her thirst with water. In return he dug this lake. Basantapur Govinda Makinya Dighi is located only 5 km away from Chauddagram Upazila Sadar. Car rental from Upazila Sadar is only 5 Taka. There are settlements on the east and north banks of the lake. Manikka Dighi
09. Dighinala Taiduchhara Waterfall: Taiduchhara Jharna is located in Dighinala Upazila of Khagrachhari district between two green hills and a forest. In Tripura, Taidu means watergate and Chhara means spring. The extraordinary beauty and natural diversity have given this fountain a different dimension. Taiduchhara is one of the many places of interest in Khagrachari. The water of Taiduchhara spring flows through the folds of the curved hills drawn in the middle of the forest. The murmur of the cool clear turbulent water is heard all around. Water fell from a 300-foot-high hill and then into the rocky ground. Like all other fountains, its water does not fall directly from above. The water of Taiduchhara spring falls down after crossing the rocky steps made like a ladder on the hill. On the right side of the Taiduchhara waterfall, there is another waterfall called the Thangjhang waterfall. Dighinala Touduchhari waterfall
10. Shajek and Marissa Vally:

Sajek is located in the verdant hills of Kasalong range of mountains amidst the serene and exotic beauty of nature. You will notice lofty mountains, dense forest, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of hilly tracks. On the way, you will come cross Mayni range, River Mayni and River Kasalong where you will feel that the green and blue harmonize together creating a perfect melody. Due to the ups and downs of the mountainous road, at times you will feels that you are very close enough to touch the sky and sometimes it feels as if you are in a free fall to the valley.
Sajek is an all-weather tourist spot. It is a union located at the farthest north of Chittagong Hill Sajek Union is under Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati District. From Khagrachhari town, it is 67 km toward north-east and from Rangamati city, it is 95 km towards North-West. International boundary with India is located within 8 km toward east (Mizoram). It is a natural paradise belonging to the Chittagong Hill Tracks which was left unexplored for a long time. The beauty of Sajek is amazing and it has attracted visitors and tourist from home and abroad since long and as a result nature lovers regularly haunt Sajek.
Basically, Sajek is the name of a river which separates Bangladesh from India. The river flows into the Karnafuli River in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Sajek Valley is situated in the North of Rangamati, near the Mizoram border boundary area. The valley is 1800 feet above sea level. Many small rivers flow through the hills among which Kachalon and Machalong are famous. It is one of the biggest unions in Bangladesh.
The main ethnic minorities indigenous to the valley are Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai and Sagma. However a word of caution, before traveling there bring along body lotions or creams to prevent the mosquitoes, since some malaria cases have been reported. The place is known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati for its natural beauty. Marishsham, another beautiful place near the Sajek Valley, is also very well known because its bamboo houses. There is another place near Sajek called Kanlak which is famous for its orange orchard.
Biggest attractions of this place is sitting back, chilling out and witnessing the majestic sunrises & sunsets, the wet afternoons when it suddenly rains, and the simple way of life of the indigenous people. Tourists may even buy products and crafts made by the aboriginal people from the indigenous Haats (open flea market). The spiraling roads snaking all around the green rolling mountains looks like something out of a idyllic holiday movie
Sajek Vally
11. New Zealand:

New Zealand is the only plain land in Khagrachhari. Green paddy trees and Mountains behind this plain land gives a very eye catching natural beauty. As because of this kind of scenery local people call this place New Zealand. Now-a-days it is also a tourists attraction and it’s about 10-15 mins far from main town. One may use auto rickshaw for their transportation to that place.

New Zealand Para is located on the south side of Pankhai, 1.5 km south of Khagrachari town. New Zealand road expresses the road to Parachra village outside Pankhaya Para. Green field farm on both sides of the road, this is the only plain land of Khagrachari. An extraordinary aesthetic beauty of Mitali on the green fields and mountains behind it is spread here.

The new residential area of the hill collapses is being developed. In the hills and hills of the city, Mitali The landscape of the area looks like New Zealand. So the local people named it New Zealand Para. In this case, it consists of New Zealand Para (Newzeland Para) with some parts of Pachaiah Para and Parachara. As if a piece of the continent of the continent has taken New Zealand to Khagrachari

The nature of the dark green mountains, the rivers of the river, the fountain sharks away, the blue sky above, sometimes the white clouds, the rainy words of rain in the rainy season, the moon-stars in the night sky and the red sun together in the daylight.

New Zealand
12. There are many waterfalls in Khagrachari that are of high interest to both domestic and international tourists. For example, the most beautiful waterfall of Bangladesh called “Toiduchara” is in Khagrachari, which is also the largest waterfall of Khagrachari. This waterfall is surrounded by green hills and is an ideal place for photography and trekking. jhorna_tila