Matiranga Circle


Name Mohammed Khorshed Alam
Mobile No 01320-109961
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As a Circle ASP my dutioes and responsidities are described below:

  1. Responsible for the supervision, control and general rfficiency of all police work and for the prevention and detection of crime.
  2. Exercise the same power throughout my circle as an Officer-in-charge of a police station within the limits of my station.
  3. Responsible for the peace of the circle and for the proper performance of their duties by my subordinates.
  4. Initiate proceedings against defaulters in cases calling for major punishment.
  5. Secure full and hearty cooperation between the officers of bordering Police station and see that lists of criminals, both active and suspected, are sent to bordering Police-stations.
  6. Ascertain the criminal areas in my circle and pay particular attention to them.
  7. Stuby the diaries of all cases occurring in those areas.
  8. Arrange for the proper patrolling of areas both by the regular frequent surprise visits.
  9. See that warrants, proclamations and attachment orders are issued against absconders and that necessary steps are taken dor rheir arrest.
  10. Take special note of the progress of important cases and be ready to assist in any investigation where my assistance is required.
  11. See thet each case is fully and properly investigated and that all possible steps are taken to ensure detection.
  12. Keep a watch on the work of junior and in experienced officers and try to train them in the right path: instruct them in the modus operandi of different classes of criminals, in the avoidance of the errors to which in my experience young officers are prone in preventive and detective work, and in the importance of local knowledge.
  13. Render all assistance possible to investigating officers by suggestions and advice, culled from the storehouse of his greater experience.
  1. Keep Superintendent of Police informed of all matters connected with the police work of my circle.
  1. Maintain close contact with Court Officers, whether the latter work in subordination to me or not.
  1. Pay particular attention to the matter of surveillance over bad characters, in order to ascertain whether the right men are being looked after and satisfy myself, by local enquiry whenever necessary, that all active criminal, whether convicted or suspected, are under surveillance, and that the surveillance is effective and not merely nominal.
  1. Look into the working of the Arms and Excise Acts.

Matiranga Circle was established in 2016. It consists of 2 Police Stations. They are: are Panchari, Matiranga, They Office of Matiranga Circle is situated in Matiranga Police Station The first ASP Circle was Mr. Mohammed Khorshed Alam. He joined the office 12-12-2017.

List and Tenure of ASP Manikchari Circle:

SL No Names Tenure Pictures
1 Mohammed Khorshed Alam  12-12-2017 to 19-02-2022