About Bit Policing

Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success in various aspects of socio-economic development. There is no substitute for sustainable security to sustain the progress of development. And that The cooperation and involvement of the people is essential for a sustainable system. For that purpose various initiatives have been taken at different times to make Police more people-oriented and people-friendly. All those initiatives The role of the police has undoubtedly been further highlighted and the lack of public confidence in the police. It has played an important role in the development of police-mob relations. How to make the police people-oriented as a public friend, one can understand how the police are regular in the remote areas of each police station. Attendance can be ensured, how to bring more speed in police activities, and above all How to make the police more dynamic by ensuring maximum use of existing manpower it can be turned into a public service organization – a bit of a concerted effort by Bit Policing activities.
PRB 356 (b) and 107 refer to Bit Policing, which is city only applicable to the area. At present in the manpower structure of the police stations under the district and in the police stations considering the number of unions, the analysis shows that bit policing activities are at the union level It is possible to expand. So the service provided in the police station should be taken to the doorsteps of the people and the police To take initiative of bit policing activities with the conviction of making the activities more dynamic and people oriented.

Khagrachari Police Station
Dighinala Police Station
Mahalchari Police Station
Panchari Police Station
Ramgarh Police Station
Manikchari Police Station
Lakhsmichari Police Station
Guimara Police Station
Matiranga Police Station