CPF means community police forum. It is the association of the people committed to help the concerned police stations by giving information in order to uphold the law and order of the concerned area of the jurisdiction. The organogram of the CPF is as follows:

Organgram of Community Police:

Rank Number of Posts
Chairperson 01
Vice-Chairperson 03
Secretary General 01
Joint Secretary 02
Treasurer 01
Office Secretary 01
Press Secretary 01
Social Welfare Secretary 01
Cultural Secretary 01
Messenger 01


Duties and Responsibilities of CPF:


  1. To take preventive measures to anti-social activities.
  2. To organize the people of the concerned community against crimes
  3. To collect information of smuggling, narcotics, terrorism and all other crimes and deliver it to the concerned police stations.
  4. To take initiatives in order to give legal assistance to the weak sections like women, children and old by the help of concerned police.
  5. To ensure human rights and individual liberty.
  6. To ensure public security by patrolling.