Armed Police Battalion:

Armed Police Battalion (APBN) launched its journey in 1975 under “The Armed Police Battalion Ordinance 1979 [Ordinance No.xxv of 1979]” and Armed Police Battalion rule-1991.With an aim to maintain internal security, contain armed gangs, recover illegal arms and explosives and help police in maintaining law and order, APBn has been formed to work under the structure of police department. Newly formed Battalion Headquarters of APBN are being served under an Additional IGP. Under these headquarters, there are 11 battalions of APBN range  while the Special Security and Protection Battalion (SPBn) range has 2 battalions. Their main function is to provide security of the installations while the VVIP/VVIPS’ were staying there. Other function of the force includes providing special security to important persons, serving as house guard, escorting vehicles and conducting intelligence activities.