Matiranga Police Station

Matiranga Police Station was established in1976. It has an area of 495.39 square kilometer with a population of 71949 as per 1991 Bangladesh Census. It borders to the north Panchhari Police Station, to the south Ramgarh Police Station, to the east Khagrachhari Sadar Police Station and to the west Tripura Province of India. It comprises of one municipality 07 Union Councils, 28 mouzas and 255 villages. It has one Investigation Center – Tabalchhari and one Camp – Maischhari.

Activities of Thana Police:

  • Prevention and detection of crimes and preservation of peace in the area of jurisdiction under the guidance of supervising officers as per the existing criminal laws of the land.
  • To file cases (FIR) following primary investigation held by expert police officials.
  • ¬†To investigate cases filed in police stations or sent from the court.
  • To file General Diary (GD).
  • To maintain law and order aiming at ensuring safety and security of mass people and their property.
  • To issue police clearance certificate.
  • To investigate verification report
  • To investigate passport issues
  • To investigate different complainants
  • Submitting police report to the court.
  • VIP and VVIP protection.
  • To observe Open House Day in the presence of supervising officers.
  • To enhance the works of community policing in the area of jurisdiction.

Number of Sanctioned Police Officers and Force:

Rank Number of Posts
Inspector 03
Sub-Inspector (unarmed) 09
Sub-Inspector (armed) 00
Assistant Sub-Inspector (unarmed) 08
Assistant Sub-Inspector (armed) 00
Nayek 01
Constables 54