Name Mohammed Jahangir
Mobile No 01320110033
Phone No 0371-51009
Fax No

Duties and Responsibilities of Officer-in-Charge:

  • Prevention and detection of crimes and preservation of peace in the area of jurisdiction under the
  • guidance of supervising officers as per the existing criminal laws of the land.
  • To file cases (FIR) following primary investigation held by expert police officials U/S 154 CRPC-1898 & U/R 243 PRB-1943.
  • To investigate cases filed in police stations or sent from the court U/S 156 CrPC-1898,
  • To file General Diary (GD) U/S 155 CRPC-1898, 377 PRB-1943, 44 POLICE ACT-1861.
  • To maintain law and order aiming at ensuring safety and secutity of mass people and their property.
  • To issue police clearance certificate under DSB Manual-1919.
  • To investigate verification report
  • To investigate passport issues
  • To investigate different complainants
  • Submitting police report to the court U/S 173 CRPC-1898 and U/R 272,275 PRB-1943
  • VIP and VVIP protection.
  • To observe Open House Day in the presence of supervising officers.
  • To enhance the works of community policing in the area of jurisdiction.