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Duties and Responsibilities of ASP (SAF)

  1. Maintenance of Discipline and ensuring regular duties among all officers and forces in Police Lines.
  2. Supervision of daily Duty Roster
  3. Supervision of Force Mess in the Police Lines
  4. Ensuring Morning parade in the Police Lines
  5. Arranging Regular Alarm Parade.
  6. Supervision of Ration Distribution among officers and forces
  7. Posting of all forces from Constable (SAF) to ASI (Armed) in different Camp, Fari and Police Stations.
  1. Grading C.L and LAP to all forces from Constable (SAF) to ASI (Armed) of Khagrachari Hill District.
  2. Arranging Master Parade
  3. Supervision of cases and departmental enquirer as ordered by sp.
  4. Shall perform night round twice a week.
  5. Checking of patrol statement and night round reports.
  6. Checking of receipt registers once a week and initial them.
  1. Register of visiting guard and disposal of all round reports
  1. Supervision of construction/Repair/maintenance work of police building under-taken by PWD/Zilla parishad  in the Police Lines
  1. Any other tasks given by Superintendent of Police


List and Tenure of ASP (SAF)


SL No Names Tenure Pictures
1 Abdul Kader  27-05-2016 to 07-12-2017 123