Addl. SP (HQ)

Name: K.H.M Ershad
Mobile No: 01320-109905
Phone No: 0371-61897
Fax No:

The first ASP Head Quarters was Mr. Md. Mizanur Rahman Chowdhuri. The present Additional SP Head Quarters is Additional SP Md. Mehedy Hasan. He joined the office 15-04-2019.

Duties and Responsibilities of ADDL. SP (HQ)


  1. Grading C.L and LAP to all forces from Constable to ASI (Armed) of Khagrachari Hill District.
  2. Posting of all forces from Constable (SAF) to ASI (Armed) in Khagrachari Hill District.
  3. Signing of all bills produced by Reserve office.
  4. Moderating welfare parade.
  5. Giving opinions to the note of decisions of welfare parade.
  6. Giving opinion to overstay.
  7. All routine works of Police office.
  8. Checking of forms and stationers and Service stamps.
  9. Checking of pending list part-II
  10. Supervision of typing works of the Reserve Office and other important letters.
  11. Destruction of records according to PRB rules.
  12. Absconder register and monthly return of all UN-executed processes.
  13. Checking of attendance register of police office.
  14. Supervision of cases and departmental enquirer as ordered by SP.
  15. Shall perform night round twice a week.
  16. Checking of patrol statement and night round reports.
  17. Checking of receipt registers once a week and initial them.
  18. Register of visiting guard and disposal of all round reports.
  19. Opening of daks except from the IGP, DIG and Govt.
  20. Attend reserve office in absence of ASP (SAF).
  21. Sinning of all fair letters except address to the higher authorities & pass mamuli drafts.
  22. Scrutinizing and sinning the drafts notification before their submission of CIG publication.
  23. Checking of crime map with FIR and ensuring entries properly.
  24. Checking of the dockets of acquittal cases and submission of notes to SP regarding the defects of investigation leading to the acquittal case monitoring and follow-up case brief submitted by court SI/court inspector.
  25. Checking of 2nd part receipt and dispatch registers.
  26. Checking of all kinds of statements of crime section and ensuring timely submission.
  27. Supervision of construction/Repair/maintenance work of police building under-taken by PWD/Zilla parishad work as estate officer.
  28. Any other tasks given by Superintendent of Police.


List and Tenure of ASP Khagrachhari Head Quarters:

 The names and tenure of Assistant Superintendents of Police of Khagrachhari Head Quarters from beginning to date are:




SL No Names Tenure Pictures
1 Md. Mizanur Rahman Chowdhuri.
2 A.K.M Abubakkar Siddiq 03-12-1986 to 27-08-1989
3 A.B.M Obydul Haque 27-08-1989 to 01-07-1990
4 Fatema Begom 01-11-1990 to 03-08-1991
5 Shafiqul Islam 22-02-19920 to 22-02-1993
6 Mollik Fokhrul Islam 22-02-1993 to 19-01-1994
7 Md. Abdul Ohab Mia 19-02-1995 to 05-07-1997
8 Md. Abdul Alim Mahmud 06-07-1997 to 08-02-2001
9 Nazrul Hossan Bulbul 08-02-2001 to 23-03-2003
10 Habibur Rahaman Khan 23-03-2013 to 01-05-2004
11 Md. Shamsul Kabir 21-07-2004 to 12-05-2005
12 Uttam Kumar Paul 14-07-2005 to 12-09-2006
13 Tareq Ahammed 06-09-2006 to 03-01-2008
14 Kazi Foyzal Hossan 03-01-2008 to16-07-2008
15 S.M Tanvir Arafat 23-09-2008 to 24-11-2009
16 Shakila Sultana 27/12-2009 to 26-06-2012
17 Kanon Kumar Dabnath 23-09-2012 to 15-08-2015
18 Md. Habibullah 05-09-2015 to 02-05-2016
19 Md. Abdul Awal Chowdhury
22 Md. Mehedy Hasan 15-04-2019 to present