Additional Superintendent of Police

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Phone No 0371-61925
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Duties and Responsibilities of Add SP (PRB-39, 40):

  1. The Additional Superintendent is the second in command of a district or a unit in subordinate alliance
    with the Superintendent. When one of them is absent from headquarters the other shall do his current work.
  1. As per PRB, the Superintendent may at his discretion employ an Additional Superin­tendent on any duty and may delegate to him the power to dispose of any less important work.
  1. The Superintendent shall, if necessary, consult the Deputy Inspector-General when detemuning the duties ordinarily to be performed by the Additional Superintendent.The Superintendent and the Additional Superintendent shall meat constantly to discuss Intelligence Branch work in order to keep each other posted in all its phases.
  1. Additional Superintendent may supervise criminal administration as per instructioins of the Superintendent.
  2. Additional Superintendent may maintain the cash account as per the instructions and supervision of the Superintendent.
  1. He shall tour throughout the district or the area of jurisdiction on the instructions of the Superintendent.
  1. An Additional Superintendent may write confidential reports under regulation 76 upon officers with whom he is in close contact; but they shall be subject to the Superintendent’s control and remarks.

List and Tenure of Additional Superintendent of Police:

The first Additional Superintendent of Police was Mr. Md. Mazharul Islam BPM from 01-01-1983 to 21-07-1984. At presents Additional Superintendent of Police is Md. Anayet Hossain Mannan. He joined Khagrachhari on 16-04-2014. The names   and tenure of Additional Superintendents of Police of Khagrachhari Hill District from beginning to date are:

SL No Names Tenure Pictures
1 Md. Mazharul Islam BPM 01-01-1983 to 21-07-1984
2 Chowdhury Ahsanul Kabir 21-07-1984 to 16-06-1986
3 Kazi Md. Mozibur Rahman 16-06-1986 to 21-09-1988
4 Iftekhar Hossain 22-09-1988 to 09-01-1991
5 Md. Amir Uddin 28-07-1991 to 19-01-1992
6 Sheikh Nurol Anwar 26-01-1993 to 27-09-1993
7 S.M. Hafiz 27-09-1993 to 26-03-1994
8 Mohammad Shafikul ISlam 24-07-1995 to 26-12-1996
9 Mohammad Abul Kashem 01-12-1997 to 13-12-1998
10 Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud 30-12-1998 to 21-06-1999
11 Abu Ahammad 18-08-1999 to 26-01-2002
12 Md. Khalilur Rahman PPM 31-03-2002 to 11-06-2003
13 Md. Mahbubur Rahman 04-7-2003 to 19-07-2004
14 Md. Gias Uddin 08-08-2004 to 10-12-2006
15 Md. Ali Azam 12-19-2006 to 30-09-2007
16 Mohammad Osman Gani BPF 20-11-2007 to 13-03-2009
17 Md. Amir Jafar 24-03-2009 to 11-07-2010
18 Din Mohammad 04-08-2010 to 12-03-2011
19 Md. Delwar Hossain Saidi BPM 28-02-2011 to 22-08-2011
20 Md. Abdus Salam 29-09-2011 to 05-07-2012
21 Zoinul Abedin 05-07-2012 to 16-04-2014 SONY DSC
22 Md. Anayet Hossain Mannan 16-04-2014 to 24-04-2016 SONY DSC