Duties and Responsibilities of SP:


Superintendent of Police is the chief of general and criminal administration of the district police. He can delegate less important administrative tasks to Additional Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents of Police. But he should ensure that his under commands are exercising a careful scrutiny and do the most important general and criminal administrative tasks by himself as per Regulations – 40 & 41 of PRB-1943.

The matters which he should deal personally are::

  1. Proceedings against Inspectors.
  2. The posting, transfer and promotion of all officers of and above the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector.
  3. Important correspondence with higher authorities, such as, applications for additional grants, changes in the jurisdiction of police-stations, etc.
  4. The maintenance of the District Note Book prescribed in regulation 1104.
  5. Holding orderly room at least once a week as laid down in regulation S93.
  6. All matters of importance.
  7. Passing orders about the major punishment of Sub-Inspectors.
  8. Supervising important cases (PRB, regulation 55).
  9. Holding the monthly kit inspection at headquarters.
  10. Making inspections of all his Units as per regulations 47-51 PRB-1943.
  11. Maintenance of Registers as per Appendix XIII
  12. Important confidential matters.
  13. Ensuring that the Additional Superintendent is exercising a careful scrutiny of Cash Account.
  14. Touring throughout his district though he may allot a portion of this work to the Additional Superintendents.
  15. The drill, discipline and general control of the police force under him.
  16. The control over expenditure whether of cash or of ocher property of the Police Department throughout his charge.
  17. The work of the District Intelligence Branch as per DSB Manuel-1919.
  18. the maintenance in his office of the District Crime Note Book
  19. System of control of crime against property.
  20. Supervising most important cases and ensuring supervision of cases under the guidance of the existing Criminal Laws of the Land.
  21. Investigating cases in the exceptional situation u/r 42 PRB-1943.
  22. General control of crime throughout any part of his district.
  23. Territorial distribution of work between the Superintendent and the Additional Superintendent is prohibited.
  24. Community policing and ‘Open House Day’ U/S 17 Police Act-1861 and U/R 32 PRB1943.